CALL FOR PROPOSALS: 1st Austrian Wind Orchestra Contest in the Highest Level

1. In General
The “Österreichische Blasmusikjugend” and the “Österreichischer Blasmusikverband” announce the 1st Austrian Wind Orchestra Contest in the Highest Level.
The competition will take place on Saturday 26th of October 2019 in Lower Austria.

2. Conditions of Participation
Eligible for the competition are nationale and international harmony orchestras.
Wind orchestras can apply to compete in one of the following categories:

  • Wind orchestra of the “Österreichischen Blasmusikverband” and its partner organizations
  • Selective orchestras
  • Wind orchestras of musical societies
  • Conservatoire wind orchestras

Criteria for Austrian Wind Orchestras:
90 percent of the musicians must be members of the "Österreichischen Blasmusikverbandes" (ÖBV) or of the "Österreichische Blasmusikjugend" (ÖBJ).

3. Application
The application deadline for the Austrian Wind Orchestra Contest in the Highest Level is January 31st of 2019. 

The music committee of the “Österreichische Blasmusikjugend” will choose the final wind orchestras for the contest until February 28th of 2019 via e-mail.

The application for entry

  • Filled-in online application form must contain all necessary data.
  • The application fee of 250 EUR has to be paid by application date. In case of refusal, the registration fee will be refunded.
    All necessary bookings are to be handled over the “Österreichische Blasmusik” office:
    IBAN code: AT78 3926 7000 0041 1066
    BIC: RZKTAT2K267
    Description: 1st Austrian Wind Orchestra Contest in the Highest Level”

4. Repertoire Requirements
Wind orchestras have to perform the following compulsory piece and one freely chosen piece:
Thomas Doss: Einstein (publishing company: Hal Leonard)

Each wind orchestra must perform pieces as indicated in a time slot of 25 minutes to a maximum performance time of 40 minutes.
The piece chosen by the wind orchestra has to be of similar technical difficulty to the compulsory piece. Wind orchestra may play a short warm-up piece. This performance will not be taken into consideration by the jury and is included into the general performance time.

The original version of the freely chosen piece (score) shall be sent in four original editions to the Österreichischer Blasmusikverband by Otctober 1st of 2019 at the latest. Copies of the original scores are only accepted if this is impossible for practical reasons.

5. Assessment
The adjudication will be made by a panel consisting of professional jury members. The jury results are final and may not be contested.
The results will be announced after the last performance on Saturday, 26th of October of 2019. All participants will receive a written evaluation of their performances by the judges.

The jury assesses the performance of the orchestra according to the following criteria:
1. Intonation and Tuning
2. Tone and Sound quality
3. Nuance/phrasing
4. Technique
5. Rhythm and metric
6. Dynamic differentiation
7. Tempo and agogic
8. Sound balance and sectional balance
9. Musical and stylistic interpretation
10. Overall musical impression

The jury awards a maximum of 10 points for each criteria. The maximum possible amount of points is 100. The final score will be the total of all individual scores for each of the pieces performed, and will determine the corresponding prizes.

6. Prizes
Prize money will be given to the top three wind orchestras:

1st prize: 3.000 EUR
2nd prize: 2.000 EUR
3rd prize: 1.500 EUR

All wind orchestras will receive a commemorative certificate.
The jury reserves the right to award special prizes.

7. Participation conditions
a) Conductors are not allowed to conduct two orchestras that are enrolled in these contests. However, it is possible that a wind orchestra has two conductors.

b) The Organizers must be informed if any changes are made in the instrumentation list of the orchestra once the registration form has been sent and shall inform the organizer before the competition in written form.

c) The order of performances of the orchestra will be decided by the music committee of the “Österreichische Blasmusikjugend” according to technical and regulatory reasons.

d) Organizers have the right to audio and video record and broadcast the competition with no compensation being paid to the wind orchestras and to use such recordings for promotional purposes. Competing wind orchestra allow their performances at the competition to be publicly released.

e) The Organizers are not responsible for any accidents to persons or things during their journey or during the competition.

f) Travel, accommodations and food are at expenses of the participating wind orchestras. The Organizers can provide some pecuniary options for orchestras wishing to stay overnight.

g) Any complaints regarding the rules and regulation of the competition must be made to the organizers.

h) In the case of proceedings concerning infringement of competition applies the Austrian law.

i) Enrolment in the contest implies the full acceptance of these rules.

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Für den Österreichischen Blasmusikverband:
Prof. Walter Rescheneder | Bundeskapellmeister

Für die Bundesjugendleitung der Österreichischen Blasmusikjugend:
Helmut Schmid | Bundesjugendreferent

Für die Musikkommission der Österreichischen Blasmusikjugend:
Mag. Gerhard Forman | Bundesjugendreferent-Stellvertreter

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